* Dedicated to Triporteurs, Three-Wheelers, Trikes…

This website is dedicated to the triporteur …or three-wheeler, motocarro, dreirad, moto-furgone, whatever you want to call it.


I’ve used the word here to describe any three-wheeled vehicle: from the earliest tricycles and commercial delivery tricycles; to the motorized motorcycle delivery trucks that started to come onto the market from the late 1920s; followed by girder-fork vans and scooter-based commercial delivery trucks.

I know quite a few folks who own triporteurs. Most of them don’t drive or ride their three-wheelers that often! But they do derive a lot of enjoyment from them, and mostly seem to take them on trailers to a few shows or steam rallies during the summer.


Everyone loves a triporteur when they see it. Perhaps it’s a type of vehicle that, being partly car and partly motorcycle (or sometimes partly scooter), particularly captures the public imagination? They are certainly smaller, so maybe they remind us of our childhood toys? And such a variety of odd designs epitomizes an age long gone.

Microcars of the 1950s and later are already well-catered for by the excellent RUMCARS club and forum. Morgans and DOT 3-wheelers are likewise covered by marque specialists of the VMCC (Vintage Motor Cycle Club); old Raleighs and Reliants have their own club too.


So I’ve aimed this website specifically at the various 3-wheel commercial vehicles that are not covered by other clubs. It’s not a club; though if there is enough interest it could easily become one.

As VMCC marque specialist for vintage ‘Commercial Three-Wheelers’ I am happy to help anyone who owns one of these, who has previously owned one, or anyone who is just plain mystified.


On http://www.triporteurs.co.uk you’ll find some history, as well as illustrations of various types of triporteurs manufactured during the 20th Century. This site is by no means comprehensive; I add to it all the time as I gather more information and pictures.

If you have further questions, feel free to email me (you’ll find my email address as you root around this website). I hope it whets your appetite for these curious vehicles …maybe you’ll investigate further and perhaps even buy one yourself?


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