Page 20. Royal Enfield/ Pashley 3-Wheeler for African Market

This page was inspired by emails I received after advertising some of my triporteurs for sale in a 100-vehicle auction I designed called ‘BuyVintage Online Auctions.’

To see the auction catalogue website PLEASE CLICK HERE.

I needed to sell some of my vehicles after a few years of buying clogged up my storage facilities. Plenty other vehicles in my collection have now sold, though the 3-wheelers ares still here.


Colin, I am Larry’s Fiance and I share the same passion as you for unusual three wheelers. You are not going to believe what I have found and I am in the process of restoring now. A 1959 Indian/Pashley Patrol Car three wheeler.

There are only eight of them known to exist in North America. Two of them are in a museum and one is just a frame in a field in Penn. I found mine at an auction and no one knew what it was and I bid and won it in just under five minutes. I have named it Red Molly after my Great Grandmother Molly Steele from Ireland.

Larry is in the process of restoring it so I can race it in the 2009 Irish National Vintage Motorcycle Rally in Ireland. I will be the girl on the world’s slowest Indian. I received my invitation for the 2008 rally,but we can not get it restored in such little time. It takes up to eight weeks to ship by boat to Southhampton, England.

Anyway I read where you had one of these also in the past.It will be shown at the bike shows here. Harrelyn

Dear Colin,

I will be sending you photos tonight of my 1959 Indian/Pashley. I may have found another one in the U.S. for sale. I am going to try and purchase it also, so I can ship it to England and leave it there. My Fiance and I are at the age where we both want to retire and travel.

We are thinking about leaving two bikes over in England, so when the Ace Cafe has a big event or Goodwood has their antique bike and car event we can plan ahead and book some inexpensive airplane tickets and fly over and go to the various bike and car show events held in England. That way, we can trailer them and then ride them for a short distance and show them at the vintage bike shows.

I understand, that there are also other vintage bike rallys in mainland Europe similiar to the one held annually in Ireland. We are going to look for a used sleeper/camper R.V. and a used trailer to purchase and leave over there also. Again, we will be sending you photos tonight when Larry gets home.

If you ever come across the pond to the United States, both of you are more than welcome to come and stay with us. We live in Arkansas which is very beautiful and green like Ireland. Also we are Southerners,Born in the South, so Southerners are a very friendly people. We live on a farm and have two ponds to fish on. We have all kinds of critters on the 105 acre farm.

My brother, who is the Mayor of our town, lives across one of the ponds from me. We drive across the pasture land in our matching John Deere four wheel gators to visit each other. My Fiance Larry and my Brother have a garage that I have named Cripple Brothers Garage because both of them have had back surgery and you should see them both trying to work on the motorcycles.

When we go to the bike shows and rallys I take my mobile food carts and sell food and drinks to raise money for my favorite charity, The Children’s Hospital. I have video tapes of living children whose lives have been saved by the Hospital. I sleep good at night knowing that the funds that I give to them helps the children. Last summer I raised $611.28 in just four hours selling frozen lemonade from my seven foot tall Mr. Lemon.

I also have an eight foot tall Mr. Coca Cola Giant Coke Can. I find these used, but in good condition, mobile food carts on eBay. They usually do not sell on Ebay and I contact them months later and pick them up at a discounted price. Anyway, sorry to have chattered so much, but I love to meet people. Talk to you later. Harrelyn and Larry

[Photos to follow, I hope]


While we’re waiting for Larry to sort out photos, here’s a picture I used in the Africa page of this website. I’m interested to see if the American Indian Royal Enfield is the same set-up. What with Enfields being made in India and, therefore, known to us as Indian Enfields, an American Indian Enfield – ie badged for a short time under the Indian motorcycle marque – is an interesting hybrid.

Here’s a rare picture of a Pashley triporteur made for export to Africa – in fact it’s a 1957 Royal Enfield 350cc Bullet, with Pashley providing the frame and rear end.



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