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Blotto Freres were one of the main manufacturers of delivery tricycles in France. Their machines featured prominently in the annual triporteur races. The above photo shows Cognasson winning the 1926 Triporter Championship on his Blotto, completing the 50km course in 1 hour 48 minutes 52 seconds.

With an established reputation for three-wheeler delivery tricycles, the Blotto Brothers also experimented with motorized versions. My 1927 Blotto Triporteur, pictured below, was one of their first models.


I’ve always had an affinity for three-wheelers; I’ve often wondered if it’s because my first ‘vehicle’ was a tricycle as a child?

My first proper car was a 3-wheeler too, a Bond Bug, in 1974. I was able to drive it using my motorcycle license. I’ve owned quite a few vintage 3-wheelers since, but this 1920’s Blotto, pictured above, is definitely the most unusual. After its magneto was rebuilt last month, I’m hoping to find time to get it on the road this summer.

I have recently taken on the post of ‘marque specialist’ for commercial 3-wheeler motorcycles for the VMCC (Vintage Motorcycle Club, Great Britain), and I hope to add much more research information to this website in the following months.

This Blotto ‘Auto-Tri’ is a French triporteur with a 350cc Anzani engine.



In fact, the engine does not have any makers badge. But Anzani lived in France at that time, and apparently designed the first Blotto engines.
Of course, Alessandro Anzani was most famous for his aircraft engines (eg the Blériot, which he flew across the English Channel in 1909). The British Anzani engine was in production until 1980.



I’ve been collecting information on Blotto Freres since last year. I don’t have much yet! If you find anything you think may be of interest, please get in touch with me as below.

And if I can help you in any way as VMCC marque specialist, please email me or write to me at my work address, as below:


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