Page 12. Lannoy, Derny & other Prototypes

Lannoy Triporteur with Ultima V2 98cc engine:

Henri Lannoy was an aeronautical engineer who designed various prototypes at the end of the War.

This 3-wheeler made in 1945 may not have conceded much to style, but its direct drive onto the front wheel was no doubt an easy design route bearing in mind the financial constraints of that era. It no doubt influened the early 1950’s microcar boom.



Prototype Triporteurs and Microcars:

In 1943, with a shortage of motorcycling events to report, Motor Cycling editorial gratefully reproduced any vehicle design innovations that were not official secrets.


Here’s another, from Moto Revue, 1945:



Derny: a History of Unusual Designs:

Although it looks like a microcar or a three-wheeler, this Derny has the bodywork of a microcar …but only 2 wheels!


It ran a 125cc Zurcher engine.




Derny also made clip-on engines, large capacity ones at the turn of the 20th Century, and small ones postwar; they all followed a similar style, as you can see here. The name Derny became synonymous with pacers used in bicycle racing, and in fact the name ‘derny’ became a generic term for motorized cycles of this type.

The picture below is of my 1949 Cyclotandem Derny. You can read more about it – and the history of motorized tandems – in Ride Vintage:


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